Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israel Attack Freedom Flotilla

It was pure hell

Malaysian volunteers feel the taste of Palestinian's Hell

The rogue country show again how rude they are that the whole world is almost non existence to them, what more the Palestinian. Israel would stop at nothing to prevent them commit to descend to how low State they are. In International water Israel attack unarmed group for humanitarian purpose like pirate. They just shoot at sight as what narrated by journalist Ashwad Ismail who were on the ship - "for some reason, after shooting the two Turkish I was interviewing. the commandos trained their gun on me, but did not open fire. I crawled through a pool of blood and went down to lower deck from where I heard more gunfire and screams coming from above" - People were being shot without provocation, Ashwad look of non arab may have save him. The volunteers only taste several hours of suffering that the Palestinian is suffering for decades..

News Straits Times 3 jun 2010

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