Sunday, September 25, 2011

Terrorist Jewish Settlers Ready to Incite Violence

Terrorist Jewish Settlers Ready to Incite Violence ahead of Palestine Bid For Statehood at UN in September 211

Ahead of Palestinian quest for statehood at UN, Illegal Jewish Settlers busy in preparation to show their strength to Palestinian. While politician busy in New York, these Illegal Settlers busy in the ground to terrorize Palestinian Villagers with all sophisticated firearms. Yet these people claimed that they are threaten by Palestinian Villagers that armed mostly with roadside stone, the most convenience weapons that they have. Read this report from Guardian that reports about the situation in West Bank, where Palestinian are restricted on their very own land. The arrogant illegal settlers openly show their hatred with battle slogan "the best defence is offence". These Jewish would never sincere in peace negotiation and do not believe in one just because they think that they are powerful and their sole purpose in their short life is to grab as many Palestinian Land as possible.

This week, photographs were published on a pro-settler news website,Arutz Sheva, showing women from Pnei Kedem, an outpost south of Bethlehem, learning to shoot. In Shimon Hatzadik, a Jewish enclave in the midst of the Palestinian neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in east Jerusalem, settlers are preparing to invoke a law allowing self-defence against intruders. "We are talking about shooting at their legs and if that doesn't work, and our lives are in danger, we won't be afraid to shoot straight at them. Most of the residents here are armed," spokesman Yehonatan Yosef told parliamentarians two weeks ago.Activists in the settlement of Qiryat Arba, on the edge of Hebron, have distributed clubs, helmets and teargas to nearby outposts. "They've been given all of the tools we could provide for them in order to protect themselves," Bentzi Gopstein, a member of Qiryat Arba's council, told theYnet news website. "But we must remember that the best defence is offence. We can't stay close to our fences. If the Arabs can come to us, they must learn we can come to them."

The settlers are not just fighting to hold on to the land they already occupy; they intend to expand and grow – as they see it, reclaiming the land that has been willed to them by God. Whatever call from Israel for Palestinian to come back to negotiation table especially at this time is just a wolf cry to buy more time and an act to show that they are sincere while in actual fact is they never will; as what said by this Jewish activist in quotation below;
"Our purpose is to build new towns and communities, new outposts in Judaea and Samaria," said veteran activist Daniella Weiss. "It's our role as Jews to build the land of the Jews."

 How could property of others could be taken and given to Jewish just because they hold Jews Religion? Where is the right of original inhabitant of thousand years there?, whether they are Israelite or Canaan, these people are from the same Arab root that live and roam on this Land of Prophets. Which their ancestor mostly already converted to new religion from jews...

jewish women terrorist settler practicing shooting with firearms ahead of Palestinian Bid For Statehood at UN in September 2011


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